Meet Denny – The UpFront Foodie

A little bit about UpFront Foodie.

Hey there, I’m Denny, and welcome to The UpFront Foodie. I’m a self-taught home cook with a passion for delicious, no-nonsense food. I started cooking about five years ago as a hobby, and it quickly became my favorite pastime. While I’m not a professional chef, I’ve learned a lot from trial and error and enjoy sharing my recipes with others.

I’m not a writer or a web designer, but I work in tech and have a life long love of reading, making a food blog seem like the perfect intersection of my interests. I created The UpFront Foodie because I was frustrated with the typical format of food blogs, with their over-the-top style and unnecessary fluff. As a straight-forward person (an engineer by education), I believe that cooking should be simple and that recipes should be easy to access and understand. That’s why I created a blog that cuts to the chase and delivers delicious, no-nonsense recipes without any distractions. As the name suggests, all of the recipes are right UpFront!

I hope you’ll join me on this culinary journey and discover just how easy and fun cooking can be.